This webinar provides practical guidance and tools to help individuals and organizations respond effectively and impactfully to the current racial justice climate. Kori Carew joins us to discuss how to navigate this moment, both individually and at the organization and leadership levels.

We talk about what it means to be brave leaders in advancing inclusion and belonging and what we can do to create long-term, systemic change. We discuss concrete strategies to increase BIPOC representation at your organization, particularly at the leadership level, as well as strategies for improving both your organizational climate and the retention and advancement of BIPOC individuals. We also provide further resources for continued self-education and talk about what you can do at the individual level, including tips for being an effective ally and what you can do to support BIPOC colleagues in your organization.

Suggested Audience:
This webinar is intended for all groups, including managers and organizational decisionmakers hoping to make substantive change, as well as individuals looking to be more effective allies.

Kori Carew - Seyfarth Shaw

Discussion & Reflection Questions (with additional resources)